A large number of workers returned home in advance, and the start of texturing, weaving and printing and dyeing fell to freezing point! Jan 06, 2023
Towards the end of the year, there will be a wave of Spring Festival travel rush workers returning to their hometowns, especially in the textile industry this year, which is really expected.

First of all, the textile industry will have a long rest time during the Spring Festival. Most of the workers in the textile industry are migrant workers from all over the country. Because of the need of textile production, they usually have very little rest and vacation, so they will stay in their hometown during the rare Spring Festival. This also has an impact on the production time of the textile industry. Generally, the rest time of the textile industry during the Spring Festival is about one month. This is only the rest time. If we add the time for cleaning, refurbishing and recruiting factory machines, the textile industry will stop production for more than a month.

Before the Spring Festival, the operating rate has been difficult to improve, and the turning point of the market still needs to be observed.

From the present stage, although the weaving market has ushered in a favorable post-epidemic era, and confidence has been boosted, we can't ignore that it is difficult to improve the operating rate of enterprises in the short term, and the probability of "retaliatory" consumption in terminals is not high. Holiday enterprises have no time to pay attention to the trend of raw materials for the time being, and only care about when employees can return to work in Yangkang to deliver the previous orders. Many textile manufacturers with missing orders will choose to take an early holiday for the New Year to adjust their state and fight again next year! The Year of the Tiger is coming to an end, and the situation of textile enterprises is a bit embarrassing. As for when the market will take a fundamental turning point, further observation is needed in the coming year.

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