What are the common textile fabrics? Jun 20, 2022
Cotton fabric

Cotton is the most common fabric in the textile field. Of course, there are many kinds of cotton. Cotton treated by different processes also has different characteristics, such as combed cotton, washed cotton, etc. but cotton has good moisture absorption and permeability, soft touch and excellent warmth keeping effect, making the fabric more comfortable after wearing.

Silk fabrics
Silk fabrics are also common. Silk woven with silk as raw material is also called real silk. Of course, some of them are imitation silk made of chemical fiber. Similarly, there are many varieties. The clothing that can be made is mainly women's clothing. The overall characteristics are light, soft and breathable. Mulberry silk is a relatively precious material. Therefore, this kind of silk is generally only used for the production of high-end clothing, such as evening dress.
Woolen fabric
As for the types of common textile fabrics, wool is also a common one. The main raw materials are actually made of all kinds of wool, which can be used to make clothes such as suits, coats and coats. The overall feature is good warmth retention.
Hemp fabric
Fabrics made from hemp fiber are called hemp fabrics. Flax, ramie and ramie are common. The main characteristics of hemp fiber are moisture absorption, air permeability and wear resistance, and its corrosion resistance is also very excellent. At the same time, hemp fabrics can absorb harmful substances in the air and volatilize them. The defect is that they have a rough hand feel, and the overall wearing experience is not as good as cotton fabrics.
Chemical fiber fabric
Chemical fiber fabrics have good wear resistance, and can be mass produced because of low cost. Common chemical fiber fabrics include polyester, nylon, etc. they occupy a large share in the market by virtue of price advantage and practicality. Chemical fiber is commonly used to produce short sleeves, trousers and other fabrics.

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