Characteristics of polylactic acid fabrics Jun 27, 2022

1. it takes plant starch as raw material and is processed with lactic acid, which is similar to the PH value of human body, just like the second layer of human skin. 

2. The natural bacteriostasis is the safest. The bacteriostasis rate against Candida albicans, Escherichia coli and Golden Grape balls reaches more than 90%. There is no chemical addition, and the sweat does not smell. It is natural antibacterial. 

3. The silk is smooth and anti wrinkle, which is more comfortable than cotton. It is as smooth as real silk. It is not easy to wrinkle after washing. It is iron free, antistatic and easy to take care of. 

4 easy to clean, quick to dry and cleaner. 

5. the feeling temperature of polylactic acid fabric is higher than that of cotton, and the natural heat insulation is more warm. 

6 natural degradation is more environmentally friendly, the production process is pollution-free, and the waste landfill is completely degraded into carbon and water, which is the first place to replace petrochemical fiber.

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