Textile going to sea, global layout, and the Silk Road Nov 18, 2022

China has been a major country in silk and cotton textiles since ancient times, and the "Silk Road" has influenced the world. Since ancient China, China has demonstrated its commercial exploration in textiles and clothing. Up to now, China is still the first producer and exporter of textiles. In 2021, China's textile exports will account for nearly half of the total global textile exports.

There are endless opportunities to seize single floor at sea

Recently, affected by the epidemic and weak global demand, many textile enterprises said that their orders declined. In order to change the status quo, textile enterprises rushed to sea for orders.

Risk reduction due to favorable policies

As a large textile and clothing country, China's textile and clothing industry has formed a full industrial chain from upstream raw materials to midstream fabric processing and then to downstream clothing management. It has a manufacturing industry cluster from design, fabric and finished product manufacturing to warehousing and logistics.

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