Western clothing brands have withdrawn from the Russian market, but second-hand clothing has become a hot spot for local people! Aug 29, 2022
With the withdrawal of Western clothing brands from the Russian market, Russians are increasingly interested in second-hand clothing.
Russian "news" reported on the 22nd that since the beginning of this year, more and more Russians have bought clothes, shoes and accessories in second-hand stores. According to statistics, the transaction volume of Moscow credit bank card in such stores increased by more than 2.5 times.
Alazarova, a Russian fashion industry expert, said that in the future, second-hand clothing, shoes and other goods will be more popular. Buying clothes in second-hand stores not only saves money, but also conforms to the trend of environmental protection. People feel like "Taobao". Second hand shops are also popular among young people.
Volkova, a Moscow citizen, said: "you can buy very high-quality clothes there for very little money." Russian operators have also noticed the booming domestic second-hand commodity market. Russia's ozon e-commerce platform has launched an online classification service for people. Any user can sell or give away their clothes for free on the website.
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