a new type of elastic composite fiber--CEY May 25, 2022
CEY (composite SSY elastin fiber raw materials--CEY 180D/60F)is a new type of elastic composite fiber compounded with ssy elastic fiber raw materials through special compounding process. It has the characteristics of ssy elastic fiber. In the use of fabrics, it can not only have the elasticity and characteristics of ssy elastic fiber, but also produce special fabric style characteristics. The fabrics are novel and high-grade. Excellent elasticity and elastic recovery, soft feel, anti dirt and fluffy, sun and chlorine resistance, good moisture absorption and quick drying. After being processed into fabric, the surface of the fabric is smooth, wrinkle resistant and iron free, with stable size, moisture absorption and quick drying, moderate elasticity and comfortable wearability. It is a new functional textile material. The product solves the weaknesses and shortcomings of the original spandex elastic fabric, such as fear of chlorine bleaching, poor setting, unstable elasticity, poor care, easy foaming, excess elasticity, stuffy wearing, etc
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